Scout Programs

From wildlife investigations to field ecology and astronomy, the New Canaan Nature Center offers more than 50 interactive programs designed to help girl and boy scouts fulfill requirements needed to complete badges and other advancements. With 40 acres of natural habitats and a live animal collection of birds of prey, reptiles and mammals, the Nature Center provides scouts with hands-on discovery, explorations and activities.

Our teaching staff is composed of professional educators dedicated to providing quality hands-on instruction about the natural world.

Daisy Petals
Brownie Try-its
Junior Badges
Cadet Interest Projects
Cub Scouts
Boy Scouts
Registration Information

Daisy Petals
Make the World a Better Place
Use Resources Wisely
Cost: $115 for up to 20 scouts. 60 minutes.

Brownie Try-its!
75 minute programs:
Color and Shapes
Outdoor Adventure
Playing Around the World
Ready, Set, Go Camping
Science in Action
Science Wonders
Space Explorer
Watching Wildlife
Water Everywhere

2 hour programs:
Earth and Sky
Earth is Our Home
Non-badge programs: Cider and Seeds
Create-a-Critter Workshop Sugar and Snow

75 minute programs: $135 for up to 20 scouts.
2 hour programs: $185 for up to 20 scouts.
Create-a-Critter Workshop
$20.00 per scout

Junior Badges
Camera Shots
Camp Together
Earth Connections
Environmental Health
Finding Your Way
Frosty Fun
Making It Matter
Oil Up

Outdoor Creativity
Pet Care
Plants and Animals
Prints and Graphics
Rocks Rock
Science Discovery
Science in Everyday Life
Science Sleuth
Sky Search
Water Wonders
Weather Wonders

Non-badge programs: Cider and Seeds, Create-a-Critter Workshop, Native American Storytelling, Sugar and Snow, and Things that Go Bump.
Cost: 1 hour programs: $115 for up to 20 scouts.
75 minute programs: $135 for up to 20 scouts.
2 hour programs: $185 for up to 20 scouts.

Cadet Interest Projects
All About Birds
Digging Through the Past
From Shore to Sea
Planet Power
Plant Life
Outdoor Survival
Where In The World?
Cost: 1 hour programs: $115 for up to 20 scouts.
75 minute programs: $135 for up to 20 scouts.
2 hour programs: $185 for up to 20 scouts.

Cub Scout Programs
Tiger: Track Bead
Feed the Birds, Learn About Animals and Plant a Seed.
Cost: $115 for up to 20 scouts. 1 hour program

Bear: Sharing Your World with Wildlife Achievement
Arrow Points: Native American Life, Nature Crafts, Photography, Space and Weather.
Cost: $115 for up to 20 scouts. 1 hour program

Webelos: Forester Pin, Geologist Pin, Naturalist Pin
Cost: $145 for up to 20 scouts. 1.5 hour program

Boy Scout Merit Badges
Bird Study, Geology, Nature, Reptile & Amphibian Study Cost: $115-185 per program / 1 - 2 hours

Registration Information

Step 1: Choose your program(s) and pick 2-3 dates from your scout calendar. Programs are usually held Monday through Friday after school and on Saturdays. Sunday dates subject to staff availability.

Step 2: E-mail the Education Department Administrator, Marianne Dec or call (203) 966-9577 x20 with the following information:

1. Troop number & mailing address
2. Number and age of scouts
3. Time of arrival
4. Preferred program(s) and date(s)

* You will receive notification confirming date availability.

Step 3: Payment is due two weeks before program date. A minimum of 12 scouts must be registered to hold a program date.

Cancellation & Refund Policy: Please notify the New Canaan Nature Center at least four weeks in advance of your scheduled visit or your payment will be forfeited. The New Canaan Nature Center will charge a 25% administrative fee and the remaining 75% reservation fee will be refunded only for cancellations made at least four weeks prior to the originally scheduled visit. Payments are transferable if you reschedule a program within 60 days of cancellation.

For more information, please email Marianne Dec, Education Department Administrator or call (203) 966-9577 x20.