New Canaan

What parents are saying about Summer Camp & Adventure Camp

“an adventure every day… It was the perfect camp experience.” 
–Parent of campers ages 8 & 10

“I loved that my daughter had a great time all while learning great things.  It’s a win/win.”
–Parent of full day camper age 4

“great blend of outdoor nature activities, explorations and games, along with traditional camp songs, crafts and other games…loved the late day campfire dinners!”
–Parent of campers ages 7 & 9

“Ponds, frogs, mud and more! That's exactly what our kids should be doing. Our 3 year old loved camp!”
–Parent of camper age 3

New Canaan

“My son had a terrific time with his group and counselors. Every day, he shared nature facts and finds with us. He had fun, enjoyed the songs, games and activities, and loved being muddy every day.”
–Parent of camper age 7

“She was more educated about nature, animals, and the environment. She learned a great deal and I am thankful. We love [her counselors]…they are amazing teachers and people. Thank you”
–Parent of full day camper age 4

“The children spent the entire day outside, they had freedom to socialize within the group, and yet learned lots that is never covered in a traditional classroom.”
–Parent of camper age 10

“The kids came home from Nature Center summer camp sweaty and covered in mud. But they were smiling from ear to ear, and full of stories to share about their adventures.”
–Parent of half day camper age 4 and full day camper age 7

“For us, it was a transition from half day preschool to full day in preparation for kindergarten. It was great to do it in a familiar environment with friendly counselors. Things like going to the bathroom, eating away from home, and meeting lots of new campers over the many weeks went surprisingly smoothly.”
–Parent of full day camper age 5

“I never took my little ballerina, pretty in pink, doll loving daughter to be so into nature. She was afraid of bugs last year now she just LOVES the outdoors and everything about it. Thank you!”
–Parent of camper age 6

“My daughter came to NC Nature Center camp two summers ago and went [elsewhere] last summer. Based on the two experiences she wanted to come back to your camp. She was not disappointed by her decision. She was excited everyday by what she did and can't wait to return next summer. “
–Parent of camper age 7

“…wouldn’t miss camp with NCNC for the world!”
–Parent of Master Adventure camper age 13

“My son wanted to attend sports camps these last two summers. After seeing the fun his sister was having and the cool things the big kids were doing he has already decided that we definitely wants to return to your camp next summer. Keep up the great job you are all doing!”
–Parent of campers ages 7 and 10

“Brilliantly designed - lots of learning disguised as fun!”

 “More mature, more focused than the usual camp counselors.”